Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Links an' stuff for my friends

In celebration of my bloggy goodness, plus the fact that I had a coffeemug full of espresso beforehand, I have collected some gifts for my friends here on Livejournal.

For vita_morsque, the person who introduced me to livejournal, I got a link she might find interesting, and an invitation to join retsnimdecorp
The Link For Vita_Morsque

For myriadofemotion, the person who forces me to reassess my opinions, I got an invitation to join retsnimdecorp and a link she might like.
The Link for MyriadOfEmotion

And finally, for wombat_socho one of our good family friends, I Humbly offer an invite to join retsnimdecorp
as well as a link to one of my favorite sites.
'Cause you know you need to keep a few on hand.

Oh. Almost forgot.
For Vita:
vita_morsque official barcode

For Myriad:
myriadofemotion official barcode

For Wombat:
wombat_socho official barcode
Tags: linktastic, news, pretty picture

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