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Schiavo, and ignorant people.

I was going to post the following to the RetsnimdeCorp community, but since it is more bitching about stupidity than anything, I'm posting it here.

At work today I made the mistake of mentioning the Schiavo escapade to one of the cashiers. He was claiming that she was getting better, and that, given therapy, she could go to a full recovery. I pointed out to him that the consensus of pretty much every physician who has examined her said she was as good as dead, and that there was no chance for recovery. He then said, and I quote, "But the Doctor her parents hired said that she wasn't brain dead."
Recognizing that he was attempting to appeal to authority, I used proof (ii), mentioning again the overwhelming majority of experts who disagree. He told me that if I'm right, why do I have to use that same point?
So I asked him to realise that of course that doctor is going to say that, because he's being paid to say it.
He shut up about then.
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