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That was odd...

Voice Post

Voice Post

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234K 1:12
“Hey everybody, it's Nick. Oh my. I have got to tell you it is a very horribly bad idea to eat a full order of potato skins & me a, a flat iron steak & a strawberry short cake desert from TGI Fridays right before playing a round of DDR. Oh god, I hurt. On the plus side, the food & the service were absolutely fantastic & I find out that, I am definitely not good at DDR, at least when compared with the people who have their high scores on this machine out here. So, oh God. That's all for now. I don't even know what time it is right now, but oh God. Anyway, hope y'all are having as fun a time this week as I am, so have a nice day. Bye.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post
  • Haha, voiceposts are fun. :) So is DDR! Though I definitely agree. . . playing it on a full stomach is a baad idea.
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