Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Guess who?

Frank Perdue. Died yesterday. The Pope died today. Terri Schiavo died earlier this week. Johnny Cochran died recently. Comedian Mitch Hedburg is dead. Lotta people dead.

Not much else happened today, except for a parakeet biting through one of my fingers.
Yes, you read that right.
A Parakeet:
Pure, Unadulterated Evil
(image courtesy of Greenapple.com)
Bit through my finger:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(That picture isn't my finger, it's from Alcade.net)
(Though it does look disturbingly similar, I mean, same finger, same wound placement, wrong hand, though.)
I was doing my cashier thing at Superpetz, when I saw something moving really fast out the corner of my eye. Because I work in a pet store, I followed my instinct to chase it down. It was the aforementioned parakeet, flapping it's wings to stay just above ground, while zipping along at a pretty good clip. It's a really good thing we trim the flight feathers, or we would constantly be living through the Great Parakeet Fiasco. Anyways, I cornered the parakeet by the dog leashes, when I did something extremely stupid.
I picked up the parakeet with my bare hands.
Now, the parakeet was entirely justified for chewing on me. I mean, think about it. He couldn't fly, he was cornered, and he was being grabbed by something fifty billion times it's size. Of course he's gonna fight.
Around a month ago, I bought a dozen guppies to feed my crayfish. I now have about forty guppies in the tank.
Turns out my mom's been feeding Pinchy pellets of brine shrimp, instead of letting him eat the guppies.

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