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“Hey everybody, this is Nick. There's something Mia going on. I got out of work early today because I've got overtime and as I'm walking out to my car a truck kind of idles(?) my 20 seat behind me just keeping pace with me. I got like 20 ft away from my car, truck zooms off. Now 5 mins later me being kind of shaken up at that, a police cruiser one of the van ones you know passes by my car. Now I see a police chopper with lights on searching the field down and there's now another cruiser in the seal that's right by my work with flood light on trying to find something. So I'm kind of sort of weirded out. I don't know, that's a lot of weird of stuff that happens with alarms and sayings and police and everything. Hit me well you can hear me Friday. Huh. So if I find out what's going on I'll let everybody know. Alright. Bye.”

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