Eddie (edminster) wrote,

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“Hey, everybody it's Nick. I was just shopping in the grocery store getting some stuff you know I wanted to eat. And I realized corn beef plus I know that yeah corn beef plus, mozzarella should be a delicious, delicious snack. I already know that mozzarella plus high pulp very sweet orange juice is absolutely perfect the, the slight soarness(?) of the orange juice blends beautifully with creaminess(?) of the cheese. So I'm, I'm going to see how the salty sweetness of the corn beef mixes with the, the creamy goodness of mozzarella. I've also got some large ___ cut of cheese because apparently nobody on earth likes it. Except for me. And some ___ is good you know. I haven't had greens in a while. Also peanut butter and apple butter coz well the house is kind of low on that. Alright bye. No actually not bye yet. I'm looking for ideas on stuff that may not sound like its very tasty but together absolutely, wonderfully delicious. Alright bye.”

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