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Slicin' and Dicin'

Alright. I went to Georgetown University Hospital at the beginning of the week for a consultation with one of the Vascular experts they have on staff out there. After a couple more comments of "I have never before seen this type of thing in my entire medical career oh God kill it with fire" that have become oh so common in my medical history, I was admitted into the hospital. Because the Doctor was fairly certain one of the tumors was going to explode, killing us all slightly infected.

Well, after an incredible adventure involving not being able to be admitted for lack of beds, waiting in the E.R. to just get my foot in the door (so to speak), and getting an actual bed in the hospital, we were told that I was to get a CT scan as soon as possible. This was at 2200 on Tuesday. On wednesday morning at 0700 was the CT scan. Later, I got an ultrasound scan. I didn't think it was any big deal, until later one of the nurses remarked with surprise that they must have found something unusual on the CT to order an ultrasound.

Well, long story short, they decide to just slice me open on the bed. They shoot me up with some morphine, and I swear that either the dosage was wrong, or that stuff does nothing for me. The Lidocaine, on the other hand, works short-lived wonders. Also, it takes a hell of a lot of Lidocaine to numb an area about 2"x4" on my belly. Seriosly, it took about three full rounds of injection before I stopped feeling the sharp pain of the needle. Even then, however, they had to numb a couple more spots when doing poke tests. Shortly thereafter, the Doc plunged his scalpel into me. A few more slices and squeezin's later, and they tell me that this gaping flesh wound must stay open in order to heal properly.

Now, in order to facilitate healing, I have to change the packing that they placed in me daily. So, I'm not allowed to drive, lift, or do anything strenuous for a while. On the plus side, the wound feels slightly better than when it was unsliced. Oh! Also, I've got video of the whole thing, so I've gotta figure out a way to get it on YouTube or Google Video. Good times.

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