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That was odd...

Painkillers ahoy!

Painkillers ahoy!

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You know, I really don't think painkillers do much for me. I mean, the Lidocaine took several rounds to numb me, the Morphine didn't seem to do anything, and in thinking back, the Oxycodone really just had a placebo effect. Unless, of course, four oxycodone in as many hours will simply make you yawn a bit and carry on with your day. I haven't taken any pain pills today, and I feel the exact same amount of pain as I did when I was downing them regularly. Which was a couple days ago. I'm fairly certain I was just kidding myself that the stuff worked, what with all those people using it like a recreational drug. C'est la vie.

There's also a possibility that being under anaesthesia for around six hours when I was two may have messed up my painkiller response system. Of course, that's just a theory, but I do know (from firsthand reports) that the anaesthesia did have extreme side-effects on my personality. Apparantly I used to be a happy and outgoing child before the first surgery, and withdrawn afterwards. I don't really know, though. Enh, enough musing.

You play 40k, Wombat?
  • You play 40k, Wombat?

    God, no. I did enjoy Ciaphas Cain: Hero of the Imperium, though.
    • Yes, it is quite dark. It was my brother who introduced it to you, by the by. I've recently gotten back into it, since a friend had a ton of it and did not want it in her house. I play as the Tyranids. All fear the Great Devourer!
      • Yeah, couldn't remember if it was you or Alex that showed me the sourcebook for, um, Deathworld I think it was. (And a remarkable similarity to the Harry Harrison book of the same name it had, too.) There's a lot of WH40K catchphrases and imagery floating around Goonfleet, which I suppose was kind of inevitable...
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