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Right. Turns out I really need to start updating more. Which I probably won't do, knowing myself as well as I do. However! I do have to post about something very near and dear to my heart.

Well, Mexican food in general, but Tortillas in particular. They're so versatile! They can be crunchy, they can be soft. They can be filled with meats and salsa, or you can eat them plain. Deep fry them, and they become chips! There is nothing you cannot do with tortillas! Except perhaps fix a nuclear reactor...

But I digress. Recently, I have been on yet another Mexican food kick. This time, however, it's been lasting several months. I am always in the mood for good Mexican food. Even passable Mexican is good. Heck, I'll even eat Taco Bell! But, being semi-unemployed (read: completely unemployed), I can't really go out and eat. So, I've been making my own food. For about a couple of days now.

Which brings me back to my main point. Which is about Tortillas. Delicious, delicious Tortillas. I know how to make them! And I can do it without destroying the house! I am one step closer to being able to survive on my own. And I learned how to make them on Monday. At my Mom's house. Because she's awesome and said she would teach me.

Unfortunately, I only know how to make them one way: in a giant batch. Which means that in the fridge right now are several dozen fresh tortillas, which will be consumed over the next couple of days. Or possibly hours. Depends on how hungry I get. Also whether I share or not. I probably will, even though it means less tortillas for me.

Anyway, as to how to make them, it's pretty easy.
1. Mix Masa, flour, and water until the dough is the proper consistency, then roll into little balls.
2. Press into tortilla shapes using a tortilla press, cook on griddle.
3. ????????
4. Profit!

The resulting foodstuff is absolutely perfect. In point of fact, the simple act of cooking changes the chemical makeup of the component parts, leaving something made of 50% Win, 50% Awesome, and 50% Delicious.
That's right. It adds up to 150%. They are that good. Also, I don't know the exact recipe. I just know how to make them.

And that's all that matters, right?

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