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NaNoWriMo Day one, part two.


Nope, still trying to pass this off as writing. Apparantly tea doesn't make you a better person. Damn. I was really hoping, you know? Well, not really. That would be quite silly, believing that there is a miracle drink that will fix your problems. Maybe I shouldn't have waited for it to cool. Hrm.

No, I'm not going to try that. Yet, anyway. Why is there a part of me that wants to believe in such silly nonsense? I don't know. All I know is that I am actually writing at a pretty good clip, and that's all that really matters, at the moment.

So, yeah. Have you heard the news about [Local Sports Team]? From what I hear, they're going up against [Traditional Rival] this weekend. I know some of you don't really follow sports, but come on people, it's the [Major Sporting Event]! Seriously! I really think [Local Sports Team] has a chance. They have [Up-and-Coming Rookie], and he's been meshing really well with the rest of them. And while I disagree with [Recent Coaching Decision], I have to admit that it's been fairly effective.

Damn. I was hoping I wouldn't type that until I really started running out of ideas. Well, I suppose I'll have to pull something else out of the conversations that I have with my friends. I still like that whole bit, though. There's more, but I can't remember it offhand. I don't know why I think I can do this writing thing. I can't even stay on one topic for more than three paragraphs at a time.

I wonder how long I can stay on the topic of not being on topic? There are two cats sleeping on the couch. Damn, I didn't even make it through an entire sentence. Huh, I've got another semi-respectable block of text going. No! Don't check the word count yet! Stay strong! Whatever the number is, shall remain a mystery! Well, for at least another paragraph. Then I'll check, and the mystery shall be solved.

Did I mean that paragraph, or this paragraph? I'll stay on the safe side and assume this paragraph. Simply Limeade. It's not the tastiest thing I've ever had, but it's at least not the abomination that is apple cider mixed with coffee. Ugh. I'm neevr drinking that stuff again. Or, at least until I forget how horrendous it was. Which, given my general memory retention, will be in about three or four days.

Four hundred and six. Add that to the eight hundred ninety-six earlier, and we're looking fairly close to home free for the day! Woohoo! Drinks are on me, people! At least, they will be once I have money again. Oooh! Let's play the 'What will Nick buy when he has money again?' game! I get to go first! Ready?

What will Nick buy when he has money again? Useless stuff that he has no room for! Game over, I win! Rather, I lose horribly, because that just means that Nick will never have an appreciable amount of money and will die terribly alone. Man, that game sucks. Let's never play it again, agreed? I'm glad we agree on that, because otherwise I would have to go sit in the corner and cry about how mean you all are.

At this point, I can only pray that nobody ever reads these posts regarding National Novel Writing Month. Christ, that would be embarassing. Seriously, I'm basically typing down everything that passes through what little I have of a mind. Maybe my friends are right about the hating myself thing. If so, there's not much I can do about it, as it seems to be so deeply ingrained into me. Is that how that word is supposed to be spelt? 'Ingrained'? Let me go look it up...

Sweet! It is! Point for Nick! Another sentence ending in an exclamation point!


Sorry about that. Also, it seems that I'm about one hundred words away from the daily goal for National Novel Writing Month. I feel bad about myself, that I am writing out the full form, rather than NaNoWriMo. And I know why I'm doing it, too. I'm trying to get my word count as high as possible. Which when you think about it makes little sense. After all, I'm not writing out all of the contractions that I use. Hrmm... it is a mystery.

Man, I really shouldn't obsessively check the word count, because the closer I get to 1667, the less I want write. So, I'm just going to write about three more sentences before I check again. That way I'm only checking once every six paragraphs or so. Yeah, this paragraph needs one more sentence after this one. It's sad that I'm actually enjoying writing stream-of-consciousness style.

Woot! Including this sentence, I am up to one thousand, six hundred ninety-six words.

That's all for today.

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