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NaNoWriMo day something

Feeling slightly better today. Still semi-stuffy and achey all over, but at least I'm now more conscious than before. Urgh. I have a lot of writing to do. Better get started, then. It would be so easy just to quit writing for the rest of themonth, but that would add yet another failure to my list, and I don't want that to happen.

Been browsing Snopes today, trying once again to find out whether or not Bob Ross (of Joy of Painting fame) ever had a flashback to the Vietnam War while filming an episode. Snopes so far has absolutely nothing regarding it, and when I try various search strings in Google all I can find are other people wanting to know if it happened. I did find one person who says that this story was told to him by his older brother many years ago, and he has yet to find evidence of the episode. Yet another person seems to be of the understanding that it was a comedy sketch. Unfortunately, I cannot find evidence of it.

I now know the origin of the phrase 'jump the shark'. I'm not sure why I felt compelled to learn that one, but now I know how to use it properly. Yay colloquialisms! Urf. I have a cough, and I'm sneezy. Not fun. I mean, I could deal, if I didn't have the writer's block thing going on. I hate this so much, you have no idea. I really have nothing interesting to write about.

I mentioned that I was browsing Snopes. It's a decent website, and I like looking for obscure urban legends to spread. Right now, I just found a really interesting one that is completely nonsensical. The rumour is that [ethnic group] is given a special 'tax holiday' for seven years upon entering the United States. On it's face, it is nonsense. So, I started readding further, and found out that there is a rumour that Asians do not pay sales tax. I mean, how would that rumour get started?

I love rumours, did you know that? There's just something about them that just makes me search for truth. Really, I like anything that does that to me. Truth is so much fun. Learning is fun. I'm really tired right now. Also, still sick. I want to talk to people, but I don't have a phone at the moment. Ugh. I hate coughing. Nobody's online at the same time as me. Why am I whining! Looks like it's time to change the subject, before I get too terribly emo.

Google-fu. It's an interesting term, and I like it. It is a skill that I believe that I possess, as well. I can generally find information that I'm looking for within a minute or two of searching. Which is why the Bob Ross thing is annoying me so. All of the information that I can find points to him spending his time stationed at an Air Force base in Alaska, doing medical paperwork. He also had a pet squirrel named Peapod.

Really, all that truly drives me is the acquisition of new and interesting stories. I hate to admit this, but I tend to stick closest to my friends who can tell good stories. I admire those who can enthrall with words. Doesn't matter if the stories are happy, sad, funny, or bizarre. I just like stories. I kinda want to be a modern folklorist. I just want to collect as many stories as possible.

This post is now a day late. Also, several hundred words short. So, I will leave you with the greatest quote I have heard all day.

But yeah, a pound of c-4 is retarded loud.

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