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That was odd...



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Quick update! In researching some stuff for my next post, I found out that one of my favourite videogames is coming out for the Wii. No word yet as to whether it will be released in the States, or if it will be a Japan-only deal. I'm hoping it gets released here, as it is one of the most incredibly beautiful and badass games I have ever encountered. Oh! I should probably let you know what game I'm talking about. Monster Hunter 3. Massey, I think you would like it.
  • Im wondering if this is the response to my post, or if you're working on a counter-point arguing the opposite of what i said, but at the moment, thats neither here nor there.

    now, about monster hunter 3: http://www.gametrailers.com/game/5632.html
    WOW. the game looks absolutely beautiful. i almost shat myself when i saw the dragons. from the way it looks, i wouldnt doubt that there will be an american release. HOWEVER, in the event that there IS NO AMERICAN RELEASE, the wii is a region-free system. sure you would have to learn moonspeak, but im sure you could work around it. never say never.
    • Oh no, this isn't the post in response to yours. This is just something I learned while researching. The response to your post is forthcoming, don't you worry about that. I just figured this was news you would find interesting. I've got Monster Hunter 1 and 2 for the PSP. When I saw it, I almost shat myself as well.
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