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NaNoWriMo Day Ten

I don't know what to write about today. It's ten days into the National Novel Writing Month, and I am not quite on track. If I am to catch up, this post need to be about three thousand words long. 2957, to be exact. And since I want to start building a buffer back up, I'm going to say three thousand. I could of course write so that the next four posts are 2000 words apiece, but I'm not sure I'll be able to.

Mind you, I'm not sure I can post this one at three thousand words, but the fact remains that one way or another, I'm going tohave to catch up. Not just that, but I would like to build up a buffer again, as it is something that is incredibly handy to have. I really am wishing that I was writing the previous posts to be an even two thousand, as I would be right on track at this point. Actually, I think I would be behind by a couple hundred words, but nowhere near what kind of trouble I have gotten myself into at this point.

Well, you live and you learn, I suppose. I've got to find something to write about for today, too. Grah, I hate deadlines, and I hate writing when I have no clue as to where to begin. I am thankful I have gotten this far, though. This month I have posted nearly 14000 words, if you include the incidental posts. If you don't, then the word count is closer to 13500, which is still a good amount. Unfortunately, yesterday was the day where to be on track I needed to have written 15000 words. I can still catch up, it's just going to be more difficult than had I written every day.

Not much more, though, as I think I am getting the hang of this whole 'writing' thing. That's not to say that I understand all of the nuances of the written word, simply that I am having an easier time setting my thoughts down on the computer. Being able to type faster has helped with that. My main problem with writing on paper is that my mind ends up going so far ahead of what I can write that I would occasionally omit critical pieces of information. Kind of like me writing "When the Natives saw that the Pilgrims were having such a difficult time growing food, and that's why they planted corn in fish heads."

Actually, I have no idea whether that story is even true or not. I know I learned it while growing up, but there have been other things I was taught that turned out to be pure fictions, such as Washington cutting down a cherry tree. Hang on, let me go find out if it was true. As far as I can see from thirty odd seconds of searching, it's apocryphal. It may have happened, but there are no real records of it. Yay for holding up old beliefs to scrutiny to discover truth, and all that.

Not sure what to write about, and I have a hell of a lot of blank space to fill. I don't have any interesting observations or anything, just a bunch of potential. I mean, there's not been anything incredibly interesting that has gotten me all fired up and wanting to write, so I am having to track something down. So far, I've had no luck. Stupid muse not appearing on demand. Stupid nothing catching my fancy. Stupid writer's block.

Come on! I hate this. I have nothing to write about except the fact that I have nothing to write about. So gorram annoying! I hate writer's block, and I especially hate not knowing exactly what will inspire me towrite more. I mean, I knowthat I like responding to ordered lists of things, as it makes it easy to look at point by point and respond accordingly. Unfortunately, I've already responded to the one that just dropped into my lap, so now I have nothing.

Nothing interesting in the News, either. Unless you count Starbucks not meeting it's earning expectations, Circuit City filing for Bankruptcy protection, and other such sad things about the economy. The Phoenix Lander finished it's mission, though. It's hitting the wintry part of the year on Mars, so it's not getting enough power to run. So, it's shut down for a while. The Nasa techs are hoping that when the weather becomes more favourable they will be put back in touch, but it doesn't seem like they are too hopeful about that.

Grah. It's 22:00, and I have yet to breach 800 words. I need to buckle down and think about something to write. Damn. I have a cat in my lap right now. Well, not anymore. The cat's name is Whitney, and she purrs like a single-engine sport plane. It was unsettling to hear at first, but now I have gotten used to it. Heck, the first time I heard it, I thought someone was coming in for a landing on top of the building. Fun stuff.

Right now, I'm listening to some tunes by I, Cactus. It's a short album, only six songs, and I only really incredibly love one of them. Of the remaining five, I like four. It's the first song that leaves me cold. The songs are complex, but in a simple way. It's definitely techno music, and it uses harsh noises, but the overall effect is surprisingly soft and delightful. Yes! I think I can pad out this post by writing about the album!

Alright, the album is called "I, Cactus" and is written by I, Cactus. It's an interesting album, and if you enjoy techno that is surprisingly soothing and upbeat, you may enjoy it, as well. As I said before, there are six songs, each one representing a different colour. The story goes that I, Cactus has a form of synaesthesia that causes him to hear colour. So, after some work, he created a brief album, keying each song to the colour it best represents.

The first song is Yellow Cactus. It's a fairly sedate song, not overly complex. It gradually builds up to a simple melody backed by a coupleof beats and incidental sounds. While it is an interesting introduction, it's not my favourite song. If he had extended it and brought more themes into play I may have enjoyed it more. Overall it runs a scant 96 seconds, barely giving us time to really begin feeling the mood of it. If I had to describe it, I would have to say that it is mildly hopeful.

Second song is Chartreuse Cactus. Again, fairly sedate, but it is definitely faster than the previous song. It's more complicated than Yellow, but also slightly more repetitious. Overall, it is a soothing song that speaks of how life is meant to be taken with the good and the bad. To me it feels bittersweet, like reminiscing about a sad part of your life that has been put behind you forever. It's a song of growth, I suppose. Runtime is 3:48, and it definitely feels like it. Still a decently good song, though.

Song number three is called Green Cactus. It starts out simple enough, providing a simple and repetitive theme, but quickly ceases being soothing by the disconcerting use of cutting and splicing to make it feel like the song is skipping. It's more upbeat than the previous songs, but the skipping makes it still feel emotionally downbeat. It clocks in at 2:25 seconds, which is enough toexplore the theme, but not so long that it gets tedious to listen to. Not the best song on the album, but I still like it better than the first track.

Track four is by far my favourite track. Bamboo Cactus is the name, and it is remarkably different from the previous tracks. In the first five seconds you already have two competing melodies, and by the ten second mark you have two more joining the fray. At thirty seconds, you have another join, and by forty-five seconds there are a good six or seven different tunes trying to vie for your attention. All of them are upbeat and perky, and all of them want you to hear them over the others.

At fifty-six seconds, it begins to calm and weave all of them into a wondrous harmony, first by dropping pieces until it is simple enough to parse all at once, and then adding back in piece by piece until you again have eight seperate threads working to bring you joy. Each piece provides a counterpoint to the other seven, and you can enjoy the whole or concentrate on a single thread. Truly, it is one of my favourite songs. It lasts all of 3:15, and I desperately want it to be much longer. As it is, that is barely enough time to scratch the surface of what can be done with eight beautifully arranged ditties playing off of each other.

It's a playful song, as evidenced by the fact that it is in fact a remix of the song 'Playful Panda' by Nullsleep. Now, I have to admit a point of puzzlement here. I have heard the song that this is ostensibly based on, and I have to say that it sounds so far removed from Bamboo Cactus as to not even really seem to be the base. Of course, this is my opinion. Your idea of these songs will probably differ wildly. All I know is that I crank the volume as soon as Bamboo Cactus starts playing.

The fifth track, Ruby Cactus, is as sedate and calm as Bamboo is frenetic. It is exactly two minutes long, and is fairly unremarkable, especially after the energy and joy radiating off of track four. The mood of it I would have to describe as cautionary, telling tales of how heading into a situation rashly will bring sadness. Of course, at almost a third of the speed of Bamboo, almost any song will sound as such.

The final song is Silver Cactus. Where all of the other songs show harmony, this one is rife with discord. All of the different pieces of it seem to be playing at a different speed, coming together every few seconds, but then splitting right back apart. It is mercifully short, only 91 seconds, but that time is spent wondering when it will end. I honestly wish that the album did not end on such a disappointing song, but I cannot change that.

That wraps up all of the songs on the album, and I hope that you are interested enough to download the album. I do wish that I had more training in musical language, so I could more accurately describe what I hear, but I will just have to cope with a limited vocabulary for now. If you do want the album, it can be found here. It's free to download, so your not out anything but your time if you decide that it is not for you.

Sweet! I'm up to 1835 words. That means I can do one of two things, and I already know which one I'm choosing. I could either keep going until I hit three thousand, or I can be content with what progress I have made so far in eliminating the backlog for the day. And seeing as how it is 23:39, I have chosen to go ahead and quit for the night. I want to try and get back on track, and posting late is a surefire way to destroy that.

That's all for tonight people. Stay safe out there.

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