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NaNoWriMo Day 14

So, yesterday finally brought me back on track for the wordcount requirement. Unfortunately, today means I am behind, since I haven't written anything yet. Luckily, I no longer have to write long posts in order to stay on track. If this whole paragraph seems to be simplistic and repeating itself, that's probably because I woke up five minutes ago and this is the best I can come up with in terms of writing.

I hate swapping between nocturnal and diurnal. If I could stay in one solid sleep pattern, I would be set. Unfortunately, that's not really an option right now. So, I get to deal. I can't drive at night because I have a headlight out, which means I can only really work during the day. Unfortunately I seem to be in the 'night' cycle right now. Have I said how much I hate how difficult it is for me to keep a regular sleep schedule? Because it is really incredibly annoying.

In fact, I really can't think of anything else that's more annoying at the moment. With the possible exception of me whining about it. That's pretty gorram annoying, too. I know I would want to stab me for it. Unfortunately, that's all that I can think of to write about for now. So, I think this post will be yet again an entirely emo and angsty post. Seriously, I want to punch myself in the face.

Let's talk about writing. I think I'm getting better at not despairing over how much I need to write. I think it's because I have a seperate wordcount tally that I keep updating with my actual progress and my projected progress. Like yesterday night, my actual progress was 21483 words, while my projected progress was 21190. Today my projected progress is 22857, which really doesn't seem all that much. It's about 1400 words, and I know I can do that.

I mean, on average I've been typing 1652 words per day, and something is terribly wrong. I think I've done a calculation error some time ago and am just now catching it. Hang on, let me check something. Oh, yeah. I screwed something up. Okay, I am still behind. Damn. I don't know what happened, but my projected totals have been quite off. Today my goal is 23333 words, a full five hundred more than I expected.

Apparently I'm not ahead, anymore. In fact, it turns out that I never was. So, I get to type yet another long post in order to catch up. Damn you, mathematical error! So, the two thousand word gap is starting to look a little daunting. I know I can beat it though, as I have done so before. And if that's the most drama that happens to me today, I can consider myself very lucky.

What does Nick need to do today? Well, since I woke up so late, I can't drive anywhere with a busted headlight. So, that means I can't hit my Dad's house and pack more. Hopefully tomorrow will see me conscious during daylight, but I don't know. I can only hope that the cat wakes me up. I'm not really hungry, so I don't want to make anything big to eat, either. I could make another cake, but we're starting to run low on ingredients. I don't want to be greedy.

As it turns out I'm being taken to a drag show tonight. That should be interesting. Hopefully it will provide fodder for my posts, as there is an incredible dearth of material readily available for that. I'm not going dressed in drag, though. I'm an ugly guy, and would make for an even uglier gal. I do need to shower and get changed, though. Luckily I thought to bring my nice clothes, so tonight should be fun.

I can't postpone this entry until after the show, though. It starts at 22:00 and runs until 02:00, so that would make this post late. Late posting is something that I am trying to avoid, so I'm going to have to find something else to write about in the meantime. Grah. I'm going to checkthe news to see if there's anything interesting.

Why yes! There is some interesting news! Apparently, a pair of doctors in Germany cured an AIDS patient. Well, they claim to, anyway. They apparently transplanted blood stem cells from someone who is naturally resistant to the virus that causes it. I was wondering why one of my housemates was going on about how there is a cure for AIDS that those in charge have been sitting on.

In looking at it though, I don't expect the cure to become mainstream for at least a decade. Honestly,though... I'm not sure how I feelabout a cure for it. I think AIDS has done more for the promotion of safe sex than nearly any other disease. At least, it did back when it first hit hard. Unfortunately, I see people nowadays unconcerned about it. It reminds me of people who take their rights for granted.

Safety is something that must be fought for, and vigilance is the price that we must pay in order to maintain it. I talk to people my age today, and they are totally unconcerned about AIDS and HIV. It's something that occasionally makes me wish for horrible things. Like, another mass outbreak. I know that I'm a horrible person for wishing it, but I can't stop wishing. I just feel that it would do more for this country than this cure that's hitting the news circuits.

And I know there are people out there who will see the AIDS Cure headline and think that there is no longer any reason to worry, without actually going and doing the research on it. The procedure that they used kills somewhere between ten and thirty percent of the patients. In fact, the only reason that they tried it in the first place was because the guy had Leukemia.

If the patient wasn't suffering from Leukemia, the doctors would most likely have advocated the use of what drugs are out there currently. It's what I would do. I mean, using the treatment that they did is like playing Russian Roulette, with the only exception being the use of two bullets instead of one. No thank you, kind doctor, I'll just stick to the drugs.

Anyway, I'm a horrible person for wishing bad things to happen. Now that we have that out of the way, let's find out if there's anything else of interest in the news. Hamas is firing rockets into Israel, the U.S. economy is still in the dumps, Obama is going to give weekly updates on YouTube, Sun Microsystems is cutting 6000 jobs, and a study shows that raising taxes on Alcohol helps prevent alcohol-related deaths.

Overall, not a very good news day. And I still have another eight hundred words to go. At least I have good music to listen to. Right now I'm listening to an assortment of quirky 8-bit techno. It's all sorts of syncopation. That's the word I was struggling for in my description of 'Bamboo Cactus' a few days back. Now that I have a word, I know what I like in music. Stongly syncopated songs are the kind I like.

There's just something about them that makes me want to dance. It's fun and quirky. Right now, I'm listening to eight songs from eight different artists that are my favourite examples. Well, seven songs that are good examples. The eighth is 'Burning Heat' from Dance Dance Revolution. I love that song so much. It rivals Afronova and Drop Out for my top spots. I really need to get back into playing that game, as I've been putting on weight that is unneeded.

All told, I'm listening to a loop that runs a scant twenty-one minutes. I need to expand my library to find more music like this. The best part about the seven songs is that they are available free to download by the artists, so I can share them without guilt. Even better is the hope that once I get enough tracks together I can burn them to CDs to pass out amongst friends to introduce them to the artists.

Right now, I can burn these songs onto a mini-cd, so I'm set to pass out music. Unfortunately, money is tight right now, so I can't mail them out to people. If you want a copy and can meet me somewhere, though, I can hook you up. Again, this is 8-bit Techno. If you're unfamiliar with videogame music or music that does not contain lyrics, this may be something that you should eschew. I like it, though.

In looking up information on mini-cds, I discovered a truly incredible mini-cd player. It's called a Sony D-88, and I now want one more than basically anything else in the entire world. Even better, there is one on eBay for a scant ten dollars. Oh, wait. Shipping is an additional twenty. Never mind, I don't want it that bad. It's still pretty nifty, as it can be used for regular CDs, as well.

It's not supposed to, mind you, as it exposes the CD to the outside with absolutely no guard, but it can nonetheless. That's really the reason why I want it, though. Ever since I got my first CD player, I have wanted one where the disk is exposed completely. I've looked at the mechanics behind how they work, and it can be done. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anyone who will manufacture such a thing, so the D-88 has become my only real chance at getting something like that.

Sweet, that put me up to sixteen hundred words exactly. Just another four hundred and I am set for tonight. After I post this I will hop in the shower, dress all nice, and head out to the Drag Ball. Hopefully I have a good time. Regardless of what happens, you can rest assured that I will at least mention it tomorrow, as I have nothing better to post about on tap.

Oh, Bamboo Cactus just came on again. I know I've posted precisely how much I love this song, but I don't care. I'm typing more about it, and you can do nothing to stop me. However, you can skip past this part. That doesn't stop me from typng, though. It just stops you from reading the entire post. So, yeah. Take that, hippies. Assuming that there are hippies that read this, that is.

Anyway, I really love Bamboo Cactus. It is by far one of my favourite songs ever. Which is pretty difficult to do, because I have a select list of songs that I will listen to no matter what mood I am in. Bamboo Cactus is one of them, as it always puts me in a good mood. It's just so chipper and perky that I cannot help but love it.

Coming in fairly close behind it for me is the song 'låtsades krama', which just reminds me of the music used in the ǢON Flux animated series. Except way more perky. Apparently 'låtsades krama' is Swedish for 'Feigned Squeeze'. I have no idea how to feel about that, but I think it's pretty funny. Doesn't stop it from being perky and fun, though. In fact, I think that name enhances it in a small, indefinable way. Anyway, I like it.

And that puts me at about 1900 words, bringing me in line with what I should have written by now. For real this time. Man, you all have no idea as to how retarded I felt when I doublechecked that math. I think I may have mistyped somewhere along the line when adding 1667 every day to my projected count. With how much I was off, it makes sense.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Stay safe out there, and tune in tomorrow for yet another Exciting episode rather dull journal entry. Goodnight, peoples!

Oh, and here are seventeen words to bring my word count up to two thousand exactly, okay?

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