Eddie (edminster) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Day 15, Part One

Brief update before I head off to slumberland. And by 'brief', I mean just about the regular size post that I've been doing this month. It's pretty late in the morning, and I am just about to drop over from sleepiness, so hopefully I can remain coherent throughout it. No guarantees, though. And if you seem to think that there is a guarantee, you are sadly mistaken.

Man, I really want to go back to my first post and edit it to say that there totally is a guarantee. Just because I think it would be funny. Anyway, I think I'm failing at the coherency thing, so I'm just going to stick to the notes that I took last night, and hopefully get a decent post out of this. Yay muzzy-headedness!

Alright, so I went to the Drag Ball at Hood college last night. I must admit that it was much different from what I expected. I mean, for one I expected there to be more people dressed in drag. I think many of the people there were of the same opinion. As it turns out, it wasn't a 'serious'drag show sort of thing, more like a "let's play dress-up" sort of thing.

The music was fairly decent for most of the show, if not a little generic in the song choices. This changed at around 00:50, when the DJ put on a song from Dance Dance Revolution. After that, the music started to suck hardcore. Although, earlier in the event I heard the beat and tune from Eurythmics' song, 'Sweet Dreams (Are made of this)'.

Now, only a few people know of my love of Eurythmics. It's not an all-consuming passion, but I have at the very least a strong respect for the music. So, I was all enthusiastic. And since I heard this song about fifty bazillion times, I was understandably confused to hear an unexpected extra beat in with the intro. This is the point where I should have noticed that something was horribly awry.

So, I turned to one of my acquaintences and said to him, "Hey, Panda, is this actually Eurythmics, or is it some bastardisation of the song that I knew and loved as a child?" I can not stress how quickly he replied, so I shall just say that the words were barely out of my mouth when he responded with, "It's a bastardisation."

Lo and behold, he was right. In place of the lyrics to the song, I was treated to absolutely horrendous rap. They at least had the decency to leave in the chorus, but I died a little inside after hearing it. I had a phrase on tap for how I felt, but was advised by counsel that it would not be good to use. Therefore, I shall keep it on file until such time as it becomes apropos.

Panda was amused at my consternation. I attempted an analogy that I hoped would get through to him. "Panda," I inquired, "How would you feel if they took one of your favourite foods, in this case bamboo, and rather than leave it as-is (for it is quite delicious by itself), they decided that it could be vastly improved by transforming it into, oh, let's say a nice seaweed toffee. However, they kept it in the same shape and colouration as traditional bamboo, and the only hint you had that something was not right was a vague seaweed-like odour. You would be upset by this, would you not?"

Panda did reply in the affirmative, but did point out that Eurythmics is not my principal source of nutrition. So, my analogy was quickly shot dead by a quick-witted ursine. Damn you Panda! Where was I? Oh! I was still posting about other things that happened. Stupid sleepy brain being all forgetty. Forgetful, rather.

Anyway, I discovered that I really have no interest in drag balls or drag-anythings, so I spent most of the time catching up with Panda and speaking to one of his friends named George. As it turns out, George is an avid RPG player, so that is where the majority of the conversation was based around. In particular, we were talking about one of his upcoming games, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

As it turns out, Panda is taking a part in that game, and was of the opinion that Medics are utterly useless in a Zombie apocalypse scenario (for that is what caused the apocalypse in the game). His argument was that if Zombies were transmitted by virus in that game, then people would not be dying from colds and flu. They would be dying from Zombie.

Both George and I were quick to point out that that is not necessarily the case. There are many diseases and viruses that can claim lives in a PA environment, Zombies notwithstanding. Smallpox, for instance. Botulism was also raised, but not before George recounted a tale of a fairly dense group of players.

Apparently, there was a particular city that the locals repeatedly warned the players to not go near. When pressed for details, the NPCs admitted that people died in that city. Now, the main concern that the players had was about Zombies, so they asked point blank if that was what killed them. The NPCs admitted that no, it was something else.

Well, apparently the players were undaunted, so they went into the city, expecting some sort of ambush. There was none. They went into the city, ate some of the food and drank the waters, got what they needed and got out. All the while waiting for the news that something was going to attack them. Well, something did end up attacking them, and it wiped the party. Ebola is pretty deadly stuff, as it turns out.

So,that was a fun conversation. I ended up telling my story of the group which ended up allowing a basilisk take over an apartment building. A half-dead, nearly starved Basilisk. God, but I love that story. It's really one of the only times where I was thoroughly confused as to why they were so afraid of it. If I had to try and guess, it would be because it managed to petrify one or two of the team.

It's a good story, and if I ever have a chance to write it up on it's own, I may do so. However, I am tired right now, so I'm going to just stick to the notes that I have written. It was an odd night all told, but I think the icing on the cake at the ball was when I saw two people playing pat-a-cake by strobelight.

The person I went with and a few other people ended up leaving for Denny's at around 0100, and while we waited for our orders we had the pleasure of listening to the stories of a rather well-traveled young woman. As it turns out, she ended up being detained by airport security in Germany right around the time of the Madrid bombings because, unbeknownst to her, one of her relatives in Portugal had been involved in some seperatist activities of the terroristic persuasion.

There were more stories, but that one stuck out in my mind the most because that is the one she started with, if I am recalling the evening correctly. Unfortunately, I don't believe I am, but there is not much I can do about that. My goodness, I am getting quite exhausted. Not sure how much longer I can keep typing without falling unconscious. As it is, I have been correcting spelling mistakes left and right.

So, I think I am just going to check my current word count and call it a night. From the size of the scrollbar, I think I've written a fairly decent amount, but I am honestly too tired to give any accurate assessment of anything. I can't even honestly vouch that two and two equals four, as I keep coming up with the answer being 'chair'. Nifty. I'm at about 1325 words for this post. So, I'm wrapping it up and headed to bed. I shall post more when I wake up this evening on a new and exciting topic.

Stay safe out there, everybody.

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