Eddie (edminster) wrote,

NaNoWriMo Day Fifteen, Part Two

Right. That was a nice eight hours of sleep, once again interrupted by the inimicable Whitney-cat. I'm actually slightly grateful, as I most likely would not have been awake in time to finish today's entry had she not decided to start yowling like a banshee. So, I suppose it all worked ouy for the best. Still sleepy, though.

Okay, I forgot to mention a couple of other things about the fance last night, like the time I was groped twice, or the fact that I met up with a fellow Something Awful goon. I have to say, not a fan of being groped by someone I've never met before. It's not fun. Wow, I guess there really wasn't much to the story. Well, on to the Goon, I suppose.

I unfortunately didn't catch her username, or her real name for that matter. I was speaking with George about the origins of 4chan, and mentioned that I was a Goon. Apparently, this young lady overheard this and was overjoyed to find out that there was a fellow goon in attendance. She did mention that she had once done a fairly successful Ask/Tell thread about having Type 1 Diabeetus, but unfortunately I did not find it in the live forums by searching for the word 'diabetes'.

So, I decided that I would check out the Goons With Spoons subforum,as I am trying to get into cooking more. Ever since I was shown the Cake-in-a-cup recipe, I've been wanting to get more recipes. Oh! I tried my first variation on the recipe today. Turns out that adding four tablespoons of sugar to the mixture is a Good Thing. Now it tastes even more like a chocolate cake than before. Like, enough to make me go get a glass of milk. It is very tasty, is what I am saying.

Next time, I'll try half a tablespoon of semi-sweet chocolate chips. That should be filled with win. Also! For those of you wanting to try this recipe, I cannot stress enough that I believe my major success to be because I mix it so thouroughly that it starts to borderline whipping it. I get nice and fluffy cakes that way.

Anyway, back to Goons With Spoons. I was browsing through the threads, when I found one with a very nice title. As it turns out, the "Is it safe to eat? Hey maybe I should ask the internet!" had some very interesting things to learn. For instance, that eggs can keep well over a month past their sell-by date. I also learned that in the case of meats, your nose truly does know whether it is safe to eat. Just pray you don't have a stuffy nose when working with questionable meat, I suppose.

So, I was also looking for some quick and easy recipes that even a novice such as I could make, and I stumbled upon the GWS Wiki, which is an attempt to gather up all of the recipes and interesting information contained in the forum. In looking for something to use up all of the eggs we have in the fridge, I found this recipe for Scotch Eggs. All in all it seems like an easy enough thing to make, so I think I'm going to ask if somebody can pick up the ingredients next time they go food shopping. I think it would be a refreshing change to have me do the cooking for once.

I also am enamoured of the whole idea of a Rainbow Cake. I want to make one so very badly, because it looks absolutely awesome. So, that's another thing to ask for the ingredients of. From what I'm reading, it is an absolute crowd-pleaser. I don't have a crowd here, but if I can keep the cake a secret I may be able to surprise at least one person. I know that allura reads this, so please don't go telling anyone about it, okay?

Well, that's about it from me tonight, and I'm going to go back to looking up quick and easy recipes that I can try. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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