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Cake-in-a-mug update

Alright, at the request of one of the housemates, I was told to quit wasting the hot cocoa mix on cake-in-a-mug, and instead try this recipe for cake-in-a-mug. Considering as how we have a ton of the unsweetened cocoa, and the fact that we would be out of the mix I was using if I didn't knock it off with the cakes, I agreed. Well, after about ten minutes of making sure everything went according to the recipe, I sat down and enjoyed it.

The first thing I really noticed was how incredibly chocolaty this thing tastes. Compared to the other cakes I've been making, this stuff is insanely rich. Now, the recipe calls for only three tablespoons of milk, but I have found that it requires at least a cup and a half. Three tablespoons in the mix, the rest to help wash down this cake. I think next time I'll just skip the chocolate chips, though. That seems to be what is making this thing a chore to eat.

Still, much more chocolaty than I was expecting. Right now I am super glad that I followed the cardinal rule of trying a new recipe, namely not to muck about with the ingredient list. I had finished putting two tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa into the flour and sugar, and thought it didn't look nearly dark enough to be that strong. I am thankful right now for my restraint. So, I now know that Unsweetened Cocoa powder goes a long way.

Also, the chocolate chips seemed to just sink to the bottom of the batter in the time it took me to pour it into the mug and shove it in the microwave. So, there was a serious layer of melty chocolate on top when I flipped the mug onto a plate. Now, I like chocolate, but that was a bit much. So again, I will be cutting the chips out of the next batch. The recipe also calls for a 'splash' of vanilla (or other flavour). I honestly didn't know how much that was, so I consulted greywolfmd who is the resident cook. He said half a teaspoon, and he appears to be right, if the tastiness of the cake is any indication.

Anyway, if I make more cake-in-a-mug, this will be the recipe that I use, with the modification noted above. Sure it's slightly more effort than the other one, but the results are much more remarkable. So, yeah. I liked it. Anyway, that's all I have to say except that it turns out that I already told everyone of my intention of making rainbow cake. So, that plan was a bust.

I've got some wicked heartburn right now, and the only culprit I can think of is the cake. I shall make another tomorrow to confirm or refute this. FOR SCIENCE!
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