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NaNoWriMo Day Seventeen

Right. So, I completely forgot that I had to get this thing done last night, which means I now have two days worth of writing to do in under two hours. Well, slightly less than two days, as I was in the process of building up a nice buffer. I think I had about four hundred or so words as a shield. Well, that's gone now, and I have nobody to blame but myself for it.

Onwards to what I have been up to! Unfortunately, I have not been able to get to seeing if it was the cake that caused the indigestion, as I was requested not to when I informed people of my plans. Mayhaps tonight, but I really don't feel hungry, at the moment. I know I haven't had indigestion since the cake's occurance, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it was caused by it.

But yeah, I have to write about 2400 words in order to catch up again. Damn you forgetful brain! I hate playing catch-up when deadlines are fast approaching. I don't even think I'll be able to fill this post out to the standard 1667 words, let alone half again longer in the timeframe that I am working in. Especially since I haven't got anything interesting to write about.

I mean, I would write about my adventures in the Kitchen, but basically everytime I ask if I can do something, I am told not to. Which sucks, as I keep getting told to expand my recipe repertoire, so I am kind of confused and annoyed that I am not allowed to do what they want me to. Makes no sense getting upset over it, though.

It may also have to do with the fact that we don't have the ingredients necessary for what I want to make. For instance, I want to try my hand at bagels, but we have no yeast in the house. So, that gets shelved. I wanted to try my hand at Scotch Eggs, but we have no pork. Again, shelved. I want to try something spicy, and half the household would veto that. Same deal with stuff that involves leafy greens, such as cilantro. So, there goes homemade salsa.

So, yeah. I'm annoyed. But, since these people are being kind enough to try and help me back on my feet, I really have no right to be upset. I suppose I will just have to find some other adventure to do that would merit posting. Unfortunately, there really isn't much of that sort around here. So, I get to be someone who just has to post about absolutely nothing because there is really nothing for him to do.

I hate doing this, by the way. This inane babbling about my train of thought. I find it horribly uninteresting, and I would think that you do, too. So, rest assured that this is only happening because I have absolutely nothing better for you to read. I hate myself for saying that, but there it is. I am a horribly uninteresting person when there are no adventures to be had.

I just never have anything to write about when I have done nothing. I know, I'm repeating myself with this, but I have to fill up space anyhow. And since I can't copy-paste, this is the best I can do. So, this will probably be the theme of the next several paragraphs. Hope you all have fun, because I certainly am not.

Actually, that does bring up something that I've wondered about for quite a while. Can one make a contraction out of the words 'am not'? I contend that one should be able to, simply to create the word "amn't". I don't think it would be a terribly common word, however. In fact, after thinking about it for more than thirty seconds now, I know that there is no real reason for it to work.

So, that last paragraph? Completely ignorable. However, I do need my wordcount, so I'm not going to delete it. Also, regarding the indigestion caused by cake, I am now uncertain whether it is the cake's fault or not. I currently have an upset stomach, and have not had any cake at all tonight. So, the cake-in-a-mug may be a completely okay thing to eat. One of these days I will find out for certain.

Right. So, I think I'm almost halfway to my regular target at this point, which is a good thing, as I only have an hour and a half to finish this post. I'll check for certain at the end of this paragraph, but I am going to hold onto that thin shred of hope in the meantime. I like hope. It keeps me going when things look horrible. Right,the end of the paragraph is here, so it's time to check my wordcount.

Yeah. Only 802 words. This sucks. Not as bad as it could have been, but still pretty crappy nonetheless. Oh, that's annoying. 'Nonetheless' is three full words, but some enterprising genius decided that it should be only one word. So, I get three words for the price of one, when I do not really care about that kind of thrift. Bah! I need words to inflate this post! Other sentence ending with an exclamation point!

I seem to be typing rather inaccurately lately. I don't know why, though. I do know now from looking at where I rest my fingers that I do not use the home row on the keyboard. My right hand rests on ShiftAWD, wheras my left hand just kind of hovers somewhere near SpaceAlt./ for some bizarre reason. I still have a pretty decent typing speed, so I'm not going to complain about results. I will complain about my brain misspelling thigs, though. There is no reason for that, and it worries me.

I mean, I've invested quite a large amount of time to actually making sure that I had a mastery of the language that is nigh-complete, at least in spelling. Grammar is just something that I've been tacking on as I go, and trying to make certain that everything that I write is cogent and accessable is something that is generally not thought about.

At least, it's not thought about right now. I'm more concerned with getting my thoughts down than with anything else. After all, I kind of put myself up a particular creek without a paddle, so I have to shove as many words as I can out there. Hopefully this has all made at least a modicum of sense, as I have been trying to keep my words in the proper order. There are just so many that I have to use, though.

That's a paltry excuse to have such shoddy wordsmithing, I know. However, it's the only one I can cower behind, so cower I shall. Oh! I forgot to mention something interesting that happened at Denny's the other night. As we were exiting the restaurant, we were treated to the sight of a person being arrested. Not entirely certain why, but there ended up being three police cruisers brought to the scene, in addition to the one that was already there.

Now, that's not the most interesting part. The part that I find most intriguing is the fact that the arrestee kept saying that this situation was unfair, that it was bullshit, et cetera. However, she also kept saying that they should call a friend of hers, Sergeant Trapp. She repeated this several times until she was informed that there was no Sergeant by that name. She then stopped requesting that he be called. Kind of funny, in my opinion.

I think I've hit about 1200 words at this point, but again I shall leave the official wordcount until the start of the next paragraph. I really hope I have, as that would bode quite well for me finishing this post on time. That, and the fact that I want to see just how good I am getting when it comes to estimating my progress via the slider bar in Notepad. Man, I love this program. I don't think I know of any other text-editing program that I like more.

Sweet. Before that last paragraph, I was at 1267 words. So, I think I'm getting pretty good at this whole 'estimation' thing. Anyway, I do enjoy Notepad more than any other text-editor. I just love how simple it is. It's the lack of 'features' that I enjoy. I don't need an automatic word counter, I don't need to format things, and I don't need an annoying paperclip suggesting things that I don't need. All things considered, I prefer using this to anything else. Wow, that seemed particularly redundant.

Let's see... I really have nothing on tap at the moment, and this annoys me. I was able to find the entire soundtrack to one of my favourite videogames, so now I get to listen to the music from Spyro the Dragon whenever I want. Man, but I miss that game. It's the only one that I have ever finished to 100%. And then to 120%. Man, but I love that final level. The game itself is for the original Playstation, so that should give you an idea as to how long ago I played it.

Okay, that brought me to slightly over 1500 words, so I am probably going to be able to catch up to my goal tonight. I mean, I have to write about 800 more words in the next hour, and I've already written about twice that in the same amount of time. So, let us continue onwards into the jungle that is my thought processes. I think we're going to need some machetes and torches, though. I can wait while you go collect some.

Have you gotten them yet? If not, I can direct you to some places that sell machetes for quite cheap. They're handy things to have, you know. As for the torches, you're more on your own to collect those. Or you could go with flashlights, but that's not quite the same now, is it? I think I've given you plenty of time to gather supplies, so let us continue.

Here we are, at the end of the required word count for the day. If you look off into the distance, you can see the end of this post. Yes, that'sit, on top of that mountain that lies about eight hundred words away. With every wrod used to describe the surroundings, we draw that much closer, so let us continue! First, I believe we shall take a look back on the terrain that we have passed thus far.

Actually, no. That would be spectacularly boring, and a horrible use of words. I mean, you can simply look back over the post to see it again. So, I think we shall not do so. It's for the best, if I do say so myself. And I do. So, let us simply ignore all of the progress that we have made thus far in order to concentrate on the elusive ending. We are less than six hundred words from the peak of that majestic mountain! Let us make haste.

Ah, yes. We are in the jungle of the sensory right now. If you listen close, you may be able to hear the buzzing of the Whitneycat, a fairly recent species that has migrated to the sensorium of Edminster. It's a low buzzing noise, periodically raising in volume until it becomes a piercing yowl. It is not the most pleasant of sounds, so we should continue on quickly, lest we be driven mad by the noise.

There is a simple way to prevent insanity, though. All that is required is an album of good music playing at quite a loud volume on headphones. Failing that, a good pair of earplugs should go quite a ways towards staving off dementia caused by this, the most annoying cat I have ever come into contact with. As long as you cannot hear it, however, it makes a nice furry traveling companion. Also, no. We are not going to be picking one up. I have nowhere near enough headphones or earplugs to safeguard the entirety of this party.

Look! We are only four hundred words from the summit! And if you look around, you may notice that we have left the jungle of the sensory, and have reached the Foothills of Planning. This is a mysterious area, covered sparsely with archaic runes and other writings. Let's see if we can decipher this closest one...

Okay, I think I can give a rough translation. It seems to be an odd dialect of English, wherein spelling and the rules of Grammar are nonexistant. So, this may be rather nonsensical when not thought about in the terms of an alien language. Right, let's give this a shot. Hopefully it is an accurate translation, but with the sloppiness of the carvings, I do not think I can give more than a superficial one.


That seems to repeat several dozen times. One would think that rather than repeat it endlessly in sloppy and faint carvings, it would be better to carve it but once, clear and concise. Well, I am simply helping lead this expedition, I am not in charge of what we find here. And I am certainly not able to try and contact whatever lifeform wrote this drivel.

Ah! We are but a scant two hundred words away from the top! And we have slightly over half an hour to reach it! This trip has been going remarkably smoothly, especially when you consider the pitfalls that we may have fallen into had we strayed from the path. For instance, we may have fallen prey to the insidious Internet Link. They seem to be innocent enough, with their inviting blue colours.

Unfortunately, they are coated with a contact poison that saps poductivity. They also create a slight addiction, often causing one to seek out more. Thank goodness I am using Notepad, rather than typing directly into the Livejournal Updater. That thing is rife with Links. But I babble, when we are in spitting distance of the summit! We are a mere forty-three words away, at this point.

We have done it! We are at the peak of the post! After this, it's all downhill from here. That's in terms of quality, not ease of continuing. It's been a long battle to reach here, and it will be a grueling one to reach the end of the month. So, hopefully I get to have some sort of adventure in order to keep me able to post about something interesting.

Alright, that's it for my longest post this month. Stupid faulty memories. Good night everybody, and stay safe out there.

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