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NaNoWriMo Day Nineteen, Part Two

Alright. It's 22:00, and I have another thousand or so words to write. Tonight's subject will most likely be about food, as I am really on a cooking jag right now, and want to learn as much as possible. Particularly breads, though I have no clue why I want those recipes in particular. So, I suppose I should get to the post rather than actually talking about the contents.

First on the list of things that I want to learn would be Bagels. Now, lately I've been ganking recipes from the Goons With Spoons subforum on SomethingAwful. So, when I saw that there was a thread about making bagels, I started reading immediately. This thread confirmed my reasons for heading to SomethingAwful for my recipe needs. Humour. I love humour so very much, and this thread delivers it. It also has a second bagel recipe further down, so that's a bonus.

I'm also still looking for a good hot chocolate, but that can wait until I have learned how to make Churros. Now that's something I desperately need to learn. Heck, if I learned churros, I don't think I would ever want to learn much of anything else for quite some time. Except for hot chocolate, to drink with the churros. Man, that would be totally awesome.

As it turns out, I've been using way too much of one type of flour when making my tortillas. It does explain why they didn't quite taste right, as well as why they weresomalleable and stretchy. So, tonight I think I shall try the correct recipe. Soon as I have that mastered again, I'll go ahead with attempting the Nachos. It should be a fun and interesting experience, and I shall post the results as soon as I have any.

I don't honestly know how I misremembered the recipe that badly, and I feel pretty stupid for doing so. But, I have the correct recipe now, which means that my foods will become even more delicious. It's really easy too, which makes it all the more puzzling that I was able to muck it up so badly. Well, no sense beating myself up about it, as I am able to make them right from now on.

Jawesome. Two full paragraphs about tortillas, with the only content being that I messed up the recipe, but it's okay now because I have the correct one. Go Elaboration! I think I've been getting much better at elaboration this month. I just wish I could elaborate more creatively. That would be filled with win, were I able to do so.

Dear christ, I have the beginning of a shortshort in my head. Man, it's been a while since I've been able to come up with anything interesting, and it feels hella good to have this bouncing around. I mean,seriously. Creatively, I've been dry as a bone in Death Valley. So, having this micro story really helps my morale. There's nothing like suddenly having an idea after years of nothing.

After I flesh it out a bit, I do believe I shall post it. Hell, it will probably only hit about a hundred words, but I still like it. It's simple, it's funny, and you'll see the ending coming a mile away. But it's still something that I came up with. Although, I would say about half the credit goes to greywolfmd for helping with dialogue as soon as I said the opening line.

Let's see, I'm at about 575 words. I still have about another five hundred before I've finished out this night, and I have about fifty-five minutes to do it in. That brings my goal to about ten words per minute, and I can definitely do that. That's actually why I've been mentioning the times in my posts, so I can figure out what my average number of words per minute is.

So far, I'm averaging about twenty or so. It's not the best, but it's way more than I used to be able to write. Before this month, I think I was lucky to hit ten words per minute, staying more around five or six. Mind you, I really wasn't writing in this quantity, and nowhere near as often. So, I have to thank this month for drastically increasing my typing speed.

Those last two paragraphs? Took me a total of three minutes. That's a total of 140 words in 180 seconds. That's pretty gorram fast, if I do say so myself. Mind you, this paragraph has taken about two minutes to write so far, which is why I'm going the whole 'average' route. Makes no sense to claim that I can type thirty words per minute just because I was able to do so for about one hundred and forty words.

Makes much more sense to do it the way I've been doing it. Mind you, I think I could get an even better idea of how quickly I could type if I had to actually do this timed, everyday, with a set target number of words whilst having absolutely nothing else to do. But that sounds like not much fun at all. And besides, I'm getting good enough results by doing this.

Wow. So far, less than half of the content has been about what I said it would be. Go, Nick! I either need to learn how to stay on topic, or to not promise things in the opening paragraph when the results are likely to be much different. I could go back and edit that paragraph, but that would be cheating and an awful waste of words. At least, in my opinion.

So, I now have forty-five minutes left. And those past few paragraphs have an average of 36.9 words per minute. A word every two seconds! That's fantastic, compared to the word every fifteen seconds or so that I started this month with. If only I could hand write this fast. Legibly. That would be amazing. Hang on, Bamboo Cactus just came on again.

I think a while ago I posted that D.S.T.C. was my favourite piece of modern music. This has changed, and now Bamboo Cactus rules that part of my favourites. Every time it comes on, my brain just stutters in joy. You know, people ask me what my favourite band is, and I generally don't have an answer for them. I don't listen to bands normally.

I listen to music. Lyrics just distract from beauty, in my opinion. I love quite a bit of classical music, because of that. I tend to steer clear of Opera, though. My sister asked me about that, once. She asked, "How do you listen to music without words?" To me, it's like reading poetry without music. You can have one without the other.

And yes, I know that lyrics have been around forever and a day, but I just like listeng to the music. Also, having really fast music helps, in my opinion. Most of the music that I have in my current playlist are about 180 beats per minute or so. I have a couple that are as fast as 300 BPM, which are filled with fast and win. God, but I love fast music.

The only exception to the whole 'hates having lyrics in with his music' for me would be songs in other languages. At least, right up until I learn the language. I like the sounds, not the meaning. Hell, I go to music for the meaning, not the words. A talented musician can make you feel. I don't think that there is any emotion that cannot be communicated through music, and so far I have yet to be proven wrong.

Anyway, I'm off to go make tortillas and rock out to music. Hopefully at the same time. Good night everybody, and stay safe out there.

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