Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Selling Out.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am selling out.

Not three months into the creation of my blog, and I am already attempting to be a corporate shill. Well, it might get me money. Right now I have *just* enrolled in the Associates Program at Amazon, and whenever I read a good book, or watch a good movie, or listen to good music, I will put a link to Amazon, and I want you, dear reader, to purchase my recomendation, on the sole reason that I liked it. So, without further ado, I give you...
My First Endorsement!
Firefly: The Complete Series
Now, I never watched the show when it was on television, and let me say that I am a douchebag for not supporting it more. The simple fact of the matter is, This Show Kicks Ass. Within the first twenty minutes of watching, I could not stop. I was on some vacation or something, and I put the first disc in the DVD player, and watched it nonstop. Character development is great, and the setting is unbelievable. The story is set in the far future, where man is still pushing out into the stars. Because of this frontier perspective, the show has an unmistakeable western feel. You know what? If I keep writing, I'm going to give away all the cool things that caught me by surprise. So please, just buy it.

Tags: linktastic, news
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