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NaNoWriMo Supplemental, since it still counts for the month.

Right. So, gonna be headed to the Spanish-language mass at around noon. Which will be quite interesting, as I will only really understand about every fifth word or so. Not sure how comfortable I am about that, but I think it should be okay.

So! Spanish mass is fairly similar to the mass in English, except for the notable difference that I couldn't understand much of anything. Mass went by rather uneventfully, and my grandmother introduced me to the priest after it let out. In Spanish. I am incredibly thankful that I am halfway decent at feigning knowledge of what is going on, as the only thing I understood throughout that experience was the priest asking my name.

Having the ability to keep quiet is pretty handy, I suppose.

After mass, we headed to my grandmother's bank to deposit a cheque, then headed to Chipotle to pick up a couple of burritos. I don't understand why people hate on Chipotle for not serving 'real' burritos. They sell stuff that is tasty. I don't really care that they call them burritos, because it is burrito-like enough for me.

Anyway, got back home, ate the burritos, and started converting the carcass piece that we inherited from Thanksgiving into stock. Now, I have never really done this before, so I am incredibly nervous about how it will turn out. Especially since we didn't have about half of the ingredients that the recipe called for.

One of the first commandments when it comes to learning a new recipe is very simple: Don't muck about with the recipe. Unless you have a lot of experience cooking, don't try anything fancy. So, we ended up mucking with the recipe. My grandmother assures me that everything will be fine, but I don't really know. After all, we're working with a modified recipe as it is, since We didn't get a full carcass and tablespoons don't divide cleanly into quarters.

But, there is a chance that it will turn out okay, and I'm praying for that. I did find out that we need more spices, though. Also, more fresh ingredients. I think for christmas I want a gift card for a grocery store. Also, a job so I can spend more money at the groccery store. That would be wicked awesome.

It's still a couple of hours until I find out how close to edible the stock is, so I'm just going to sit and hope that it turns out to be delicious. Also, for those of you wondering about what recipe I'm using, it's this one. So, yeah. The waiting game. And the stirring game. Combined into one funtastic game.

Right. so, the stock seems like it reduced nicely. It's a tad bit peppery for my taste, but when it's made into a soup that can be corrected for. Which means that I think this one came out rather okay, despite mucking with the recipe. Although, it does still seem a bit watery to me. I suppose I will know for certain tomorrow when I can skim all the fat off the top.

Overall it's been a pretty fun day. Tomorrow is going to be interesting, since it will be the first day that I cover this city in job applications. Hopefully it goes well, as being jobless for this long truly does not sit well with me. The Chipotle we went to has a thing soliciting applications, but not in the window, so I hope that this means that they are hiring.

Not much else on my mind today, so I'm just going to leave it at that. Good night everybody, and stay safe out there.

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