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Right. So, I haven't looked back over any of my posts from last month. Beyond the cursory glances I gave it when copypasting from notepad to the various word counters that I used, and thence to LJ. So, I don't really know what I was really writing. From what little I can remember from actually writing them, I know that my tone changed quite a bit throughout the month, but I don't know what moods were shown.

From what I could gather by way of talking to my friends, it's filled with hopelessness and general pessimism. That doesn't surprise me, as it was a month that was generally not so great. My mood generally wavered between outright despair, malaise, occasional happiness and enjoyment, and sheer terror at the fact that I had no clue what I was doing. So, overall I would be surprised if the month was filled with anything but negative feelings.

However, I don't know for certain without reading it myself. This is something that I intend to do, but I want to give myself a little bit more time getting out of the NaNo mindset. After all, I no longer have a deadline looming over the horizon like a dyspeptic giant. Well, that, and the fact that I am still trying to get used to a new sleep schedule prevents me from doing a thorough analysis of my own writing.

Honestly, I think the thing keeping me from looking over it with a critical eye is that I don't much care. It was a month that I went through agony for, and I would rather just remember the simple fact that I beat the crap out of it. Not as badly as allura did, but I still finished over quota and before deadline. That makes for a ridiculously happy Nick, and I was celebrating throughout the evening of the twenty-ninth.

As it stands, I think I will continue posting regularly, but with posts nowhere near as long as November's. Still going to have posts of moderate length, as I want to keep in practise. That, and I'm not certain whether or not I want to participate in Script Frenzy this April. It's a thing sort of like NaNoWriMo, but instead of 50000 words, it's a 100 page script. Mind you, I would first need to learn how to properly format a script, but I have several months to acquire that particular bit of knowledge.

I have noticed that I am still being much more verbose when fewer words are perfectly acceptable, but I think I should have expected as much. After all, it's easier for me to inflate my wordcount as I write rather than go in afterwards and expand what I have written. Mind you, I still seem to find no difference in using more words and using less common words, so I don't think I am as verbose as I can be. Thankfully I didn't much care, otherwise this post might be even longer than it is already.

I woke up about an hour ago, now. I am definitely not a morning person, but my Grandmother is. It generally takes me at least half of an hour for me to truly become lucid and in control. Before that period of time, I can't make decisions and have a difficult time paying attention to questions. Really, all I have room for in my head at that point is to get moving. Well, maybe not moving, but definitely less immobile.

Even at the thirty minute mark, I'm still groggy, so I schedule myself a good hour before I really get to doing anything that requires more than cursory attention. It is for this reason that I can find one of the incredibly few blessings in being unemployed, as I do not have to wake up even earlier than I do now. I think I would go insane if I had to awaken any time before seven in the morning for any extended period of time. I have a hard enough time waking up at eight!

Grah. I need to get some chores done. As it is, I've written about 700 words, which is just a little bit shy of the halfway point for the NaNoWriMo quota, so I'm happy with what I have. So, with that, I sign off for a bit. Stay safe out there, everybody.

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