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Right. So, I had an post going about Twitter, and I just lost the head of steam that I had been building. So, it's not finished. However, since one of my resolutions a while back was to post things regardless of how I felt, you get to see it.

Now, I am not a big fan of letting people know what I'm up to at all hours. I'm not even really a fan of letting people know what I'm up to, period. So it is an odd thing for me to encounter Twitter. As far as I can tell, about half of the Internet uses it. That's not an exact amount, as it is very difficult to take an accurate headcount of the Internet. So, that's my rough guess according to how often I see it mentioned.

I've been dragged into a lot of social networking sites through my online friends. In fact, most of them were joined because of two particular friends who reside in Denmark. It's gotten to the point where I am uncertain whether or not they have a bet going concerning how many communities they can get me to join. So far they've gotten me to join a total of two, with other online friends bringing me up to about seven. Seven sites that I don't visit. But that is neither here nor there. The point is, I'm tired of it.

And so, with Twitter, I make my stand. It's not much of a stand (as it is on the Internet), but it is a stand nonetheless. Just one place is enough for the thoughts that come to me, just one sole location on the Web. I don't feel the need to twitter at people all day, as one post at the end or beginning should be sufficient. If there is something important that I need to say, I reach for my notepad and record it. After all, it's still a seed of an idea at that point, and needs time to mature fully.

Twitter is an interesting idea, certainly. All it asks is the question, "What are you doing?' There is a video up that explains the concept behind Twitter, which I found moderately informative as to the reasons for using it. However, none of them are anything that I care about. Essentially, it is intended to keep people informed as to your activities between main blog postings. For me, that is rather redundant. I tend to recap all of the things that I have done at the end of the day, so Twitter is really not all that useful.

Unless there are people so desperate for contact that they want to know what somebody is doing at all times. I think there is a word for those people, but I can't be certain. I think it's something along the lines of obsessed, deranged, or possibly stalker. But I digress. Twitter is something that is useless to me, and something that I

I think that if I could finagle a way to integrate Twitter with this LJ, I would be more open to using it. omphale23, How do you do it? Is it some obscure form of Techno-sorcery that I have yet to uncover? If so, please let me know the ritual required, and whether there are any components that I am missing, plzkthx.

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