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Right. So, I was thinking back over the things people said about how my writing throughout NaNoWriMo was fairly chock-full of negativity and bad feelings. This is something that I thought was true, as I trust the words of people who have read the thing over myself, who couldn't be arsed.

Enter Wordie. It's a site that produces an image from a given text, showing the words that were used most commonly. Intrigued by this, and as part of my ongoing attempt to shove my beliefs into the withering light of experiment, I submitted the full text of my NaNoWriMo. The results were surprising, to say the least.

First off, one of the 150 words that I used the most was one that I didn't expect. Tortilla. Apparently Tortillas are so incredibly important to me that they come up fairly often. I will admit that I probably typed at length about them, but not quite to that extreme. It's interesting to note, though. I suppose it also shows that I really do adore them.

Now, what I found incredibly interesting was the simple fact that the only words on that list that have a negative connotation to me are the words 'bad' and 'however'. Even then, those are used as often as the word 'tortilla', so I do not personally believe that they take up that much of the month. Honestly, the words in the map are almost all overwhelmingly positive. At least, they are positive to me.

To be honest, that makes much more sense to me, as all throughout writing I had attempted to be positive. I know that there were points where I was down, but overall it was a month of discovery and pushing my limits. That does not strike me as something that would depress, and the word map proves that for me. However, other people have different feelings about the emotional content of words, so I cannot apply my feelings across the board.

I have been attempting to upload the map to my Scrapbook, but Livejournal is appearing to be rather ornery when it comes to allowing uploads. It seems to be upload things, but does not confirm the upload. It's most likely on their end. So, if you would like to see it for yourself, it can be found here. I had to take it into MSPaint in order to get it vertical, since this computer doesn't have anything more sophisticated. Got the job done, though.

So, that's about it, I suppose. I have to say thanks to my Dad for sharing that site with me, and thanks to my Mom for the America's Test Kitchen stuff. Good night everybody, and stay safe out there. Seriously.

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