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I got nothin'.

Right. So, I have nothing to write about today, with the notable exception of my wrestling with more internet-related things. Also, I am now part of Twitter. I'm not giving anyone my Twitter name, since it's really just a dumping ground for things that pop into my head, and I'm using LoudTwitter to shove the results to here every day. At least, I'm doing that in theory.

You see, had everything gone according to plan, there would have been a post at precisely 20:00 consisting of my testing the system. Since those aren't there, I must conclude that the test failed. Luckily, there are multiple ways to use LoudTwitter, so I have one post that should hit at 20:30. If it doesn't, that just means that I have even more wrestling with the internet to do.

Anyway, I met a very interesting person last night, and we got into a discussion of Science Fiction. Unfortunately, the discussion was abruptly cut off because of our having seperate destinations, and a limited amount of time to reach them. So, she e-mailed me to continue the conversation. Here's my response, since I am too lazy to come up with something interesting to post.

I must admit that you are more well-read than I am. For instance, I only discovered CJ Cherryh recently because of the novel Merchanter's Luck. In fact, much of my reading material tends to be anthologies of short fiction. I suppose that it could be traced to my incredibly short attention span, but I would prefer not to blame too terribly much on that. Even then, I tend to limit myself to Heinlein, as I think I made quite clear in my gushing over his works.

Never been a terribly big fan of Fantasy, but I will admit that there are some well-written pieces. I just prefer my magic to be technology. If you could puzzle out some pseudo-scientific rationale for the 'magic' in the stories, then I'm for it. Otherwise, it just leaves me cold. In general, I also dislike most fiction written after about 1970 or so. It just seems to be unimaginative. Almost as if the people writing don't truly care.

Which is why I love the old fiction. There is just something about the prophecies of the future, and how vividly they are realised that makes me squee with happiness. Even if the future is astoundingly bleak, it is well-described and feels possible. Modern fiction written about the future just treats it as if there will not be too terribly much different from how life is now. To me, it just seems like they have mistaken the quote 'The more things change, the more they stay the same'.

In my opinion, the quote says that no matter how technologically advanced a society, people are still people. Which is why I truly adore Heinlein's works. That, and the fact that he never really published anything that he was unhappy with. Another reason for my love of him as a storyteller would be that he was the first author I can ever remember. My Dad used to read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress to us as our bedtime stories, and he is who I learned to read on.

As for my love of the Old Stuff, it could also be linked to how the story could be written with very little sex. Most likely that's because of the Editors (as blamed by Heinlein in a couple of his letters to other authors), but overall I see sex in fiction to simply clutter up a place where more can be written. But I digress. I think, at least. Oh! I just realised that there is one fantasy series that I enjoy.

The Chronicles of Amber. Zelazny was also quite good at portraying real people that one could identify with. They were also told to me as bedtime stories, so I suppose that helps. He was quite good at Sci-Fi as well, which was a mild surprise. In particular, the short story 'Loki 7281', published in Frost & Fire. If you haven't read any of his works, I highly recommend him. Particularly his Amber series. Yeesh, I've gone on for quite some time. Damn NaNoWriMo, and it's habit-forming verbosity!

In conclusion, five minutes until I see if I successfully conquered LoudTwitter, and I <3 Heinlein and Zelazny. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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