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That was odd...

Status Report

Status Report

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technical difficulties

  • 18:32 Signed up for Twitter. Am using LoudTwitter to send updates to here once per day. Hopefully it works, will find out for certain at 20:00. #
  • 18:35 Testing ability to update via phone. If successful, everything shiny. #

Stay safe out there.


Jawesome! I am surprised that it took so long to get here, but it works! Sweeet! *happydance*
Right. So, I am changing the settings to shove everything here at 20:00 again, since I have a way that definitely works. On days that I don't use Twitter, it doesn't update. Which means that it won't clog up this place with empty posts. Life is good.
  • Re: Neato

    Twitter is a sort of mini-blog utility that is intended to be used throughout the day. From what I have seen, it tends to degenerate into a mini-forum, but that's a fate that I am stridently attempting to avoid. You can learn more here.

    Also, am replying to DA note as soon as I can get pertinent information.
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