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Interesting day today. Went over to an Aunt's house in order to celebrate the birthday of her (now) two-year old daughter. In general, I'm not a fan of large groups of people, but I was able to cope with this one, as it was for family. As long as I have several people that I can look to that I know, I do fairly well in crowd situations. By myself, I get rather antsy.

The birthday girl ended up getting several different things, but the one that stuck out most to me was the horse backpack. By that I mean it had a horse head on the flap that closes it. I'm fairly certain that this is not the backpack, but it has the flap I'm talking about. There may have been other horse-like attributes about it, but I wasn't able to see it terribly well. The reason it stuck out was because the thought that crossed my mind was rather macabre. I saw that thing as a setup for a Godfather joke. You know, she misbehaves and finds the horse-headed flap cut off of the backpack and placed in her bed when she wakes up.

There were also a lot of children running about. I would estimate somewhere around a dozen or so. However, every time I saw one running on a path that would bring it near me, I had to suppress the urge to just stick my foot out and trip them. It's moments like that which make me realise that I am a mean mean person. All in all a fairly uneventful, if interesting, day.

Still trying to figure out why some people are having issues viewing the Wordle of November. Everytime I click it, I get the image okay. Maybe the browser is not displaying the Java code? I do not know. There is code on the site to link back to it, so here it is:

That's about it for today, so goodnight everybody. Stay safe out there.

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