Eddie (edminster) wrote,

An Adventure

So, Last night, butterflypixie6 and I had an adventure. Originally, it was suposed to start shortly after 17:00, but due to parental car theft, it didn't start 'til around 19:30. Well, after she picked me up in her car, she then tried to show me where she got lost coming to my house. She then proceeded to get lost on her way to showing me where she got lost. At this point, I was laughing like a hyena, because that was just too damn funny. Of course, I knew where we were, but I wasn't going to tell her that. After she found an exit from my development, we then went to her house, to introduce me to her folks.
Let me point out, however, that this outing was by no means a date, even though she wanted me to meet her parents, plus the fact that I paid for pretty much everything we did.
Anyways, after meeting her family, and seeing the largest bearded dragon EVER (I swear, this thing could've been used as a football), I tried giving directions to my favorite coffee shop evar, The Mudd Puddle. On the way, I realised that the only reason she had gotten lost on the way to my house is because I give Crappy Directions.
I realised this because not five minutes into the adventure, I had gotten us completely and utterly lost. Luckily, Stacie knew where we were, so I was then able to get us to the Mudd Puddle. We would have stopped there, but Stacie HATES coffee. Luckily, the Delaplaine Visual Arts Center is just down the street, so I was able to show her the painted bridge. Well, not really, because there was a chain-link fence surrounding the area. Oh, and Stacie, if you're reading this, I was wrong. The Bridge is completely concrete. Oh, and this is The Angel I was talking about.
So, after going to Wal*Mart to stock up on the most kickass gum in history. By the time we left, It was around 21:00, and it was definitely getting late. Stacie was hungry, and I mentioned that I had never been to a Waffle House, so we stopped there. We both ordered some pie, and talked about stuff.
In short, we had fun, it was NOT a date, I give crap directions, and I need a digital camera so I can document this stuff.
Tags: linktastic, news

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