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Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Right. So, I think that this house has half-sized baking containers. I say this because the recipe for carrot cake cupcakes is enough for eleven little cakes when made as a half-recipe. However, it filled up twenty-four of our baking cups, and I had enough batter left over for a couple of more. When I brought one out to taste-test, Grandmother agreed that they were quite miniscule. So, looks like next time we go shopping, we get regular-sized baking cups.

Flavour-wise, they're pretty good. A tad bit crunchy, but that's because I baked them a tad bit too long. As it was, I pulled them out a good fifteen minutes before the instructions said, since they were so very wee. Again, will be getting larger baking cups for next time. I have not made the icing for them quite yet, since I am still waiting for the unsalted butter to hit room temperature. As it turns out, butter takes a little while to thaw.

I think next time I will add a little bit more carrot, but I am wary of adding too much. I figure something bad might happen if I go overboard with the carrots, so I am only going to add an additional half-cup. I found it interesting that the carrots we purchased grate down to half of a cup each. Also interesting was the discovery that half a cup of pecan halves chops down to half a cup of pecan chunks. I am glad I didn't chop up more, expecting it to reduce.

As for the frosting, I made a mistake. A delicious mistake, as it turns out. Remember how I halved what the recipe called for, in order to make a tiny batch? I forgot to cut the cream cheese amount in half. So, I have extra-creamy frosting. It complements the carrot cupcakes nicely, and I think it would also be incredible on cinnamon rolls. So, again this bizarre midas touch with the foods that I make. Now, I'm not claiming that I am a master chef, or even a very good cook. All I'm saying is that my food is at least fairly edible.

So, next time that I make these, they will be much larger. Like, at least twice the size. Also, I am uncertain if using an electric mixer would make any difference in the flavour and texture of these things. Honestly, I'm glad that I'm learning to cook with very few tools that use electricity. It's making me really appreciate the food itself, I think. Anyway, this experiment turned out rather well, even if it was a tad bit crunchy on the top. And miniature.

I'm off to read Armor. And shuffle my linkbar. And maybe eat another cupcake or two. So, goodnight everybody. Stay safe out there.

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