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Thoughts on Books, Quiche, Cake, and Armor

Right. So, first day of volunteer work seems to have passed nicely. I ended up putting a little over two carts of books back on the shelves, which is equivalent to a six-shelf double-stacked bookcase. All of it only vaguely organised. So, I had my work cut out for me. It was fun. I got to handle many different Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, many of which I had never heard of.

I won't know for certain until I hit the library on Thursday, but if the books on those shelves were just from a couple of days, then people around here read much more science fiction than I thought. I was slightly confused with how they were categorising different titles, at the beginning. For instance, in the Ender's Game series all of them are classed as Young Adult reading material. Except for Xenocide.

This was a definite concern for me, right up until I saw that the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section was organised with YA sharing shelf space with the regular books. So, that was a definite relief. I also noticed that there were a couple of Heinlein titles that I enjoy, but only one Zelazny book. And it wasn't from the Amber series. I feel sad about that, but there is nothing that I can do. It's not like I can donate a couple of sets of the novels, since the Library is pretty desperate for shelf space right now.

At least, in the SF/F section.

I did find out that Manga is the bane of my existence. Either that, or the people who read Manga in libraries. You see, the SF/F section was nice and organised, needing only the eye of someone who knows how to maximise shelf space. The Manga section was almost as if someone just stuffed books on the shelf, not caring what direction they were placed much less where. So, it took me as much time to finish a one-quarter cart of Manga as it took to process an entire cart of SF/F. Seriously, it's like the people who read it have absolutely no sense of respect for books.

Back to shelf space. From what I am led to understand, this seems to be a fairly major issue. That, and how slammed the place is getting. I kept hearing how people were so amazed at how much people were using the library, which makes me think that either people are checking books out instead of purchasing because of the recession, or that there is some bizarre instinct to check out books around Christmas. I don't know, I just shelve books.

At least one person was impressed by my courteous manner today. The person in charge of part-time hires, in fact. She let me know that there will be openings in the (fairly) near future, and that I should keep my eye out for them. Now, I'm not sure, but that seemed to be a pretty large hint that she thinks I would make a good (paid) worker. So, I am crossing my fingers.

Not much else to talk about, unless you count planning the Variations on a Quiche. I'm going to be making two Quiche again, one Vegetarian and one that contains Bacon. Now, before just cooking these things, I thought about what would be involved. Especially in the Vegetable one. I was thinking in particular about how well-cooked the vegetables would be. Or rather, how they would still be fairly tough if I only chopped them up and shoved them in the Quiche.

So, I went to Grandmother and said, "I've been thinking about the vegetable quiche-"

"You want to cook the vegetables before putting them in the quiche, so that they aren't tough," she replied. So, I will. Because if my Grandmother is Psychic about that, then I will trust her judgement. As to the vegetables involved, I shall be putting Broccoli and Carrots in. I think the sweetness of the carrots should add something nice, which is why I am doing it. Also, I still have a good pound or two left over.

Speaking of carrots, the carrot cake mini-cupcakes are slightly better after sitting for a day in a ziploc baggie. The crunchy tops have softened, so they are nice and moist all throughout. Also, the paper cups are now much easier to remove, but I am not certain why. I did not frost them, since icing made from dairy product, more dairy product, and sugar. Which means that the frosting is kept in a container in the fridge. Which makes it slightly harder to spread on the cakes, but I've never been too terribly insistent on perfect presentation, so I am fine with it.

Also, I finished Armor. It was an interesting read, and definitely will be something that I return to in the future. While the beginning was slightly slow for me, it was more than made up for once it hit the second part. Am I the only person who has noticed the similarity of Disney's Jack Sparrow to the character of Jack Crow? It seems to me that Disney made Sparrow in the image of Crow, except more bumbling. Could be a coincidence, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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