Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Q-2 and Q-2V(egetarian)

Right. So, I think that the two Quiche turned out okay. Sadly, I succumbed to the thinking that the broccoli stalk was tender enough to not warrant pre-cooking, and Q-2V suffered from my hubris. Lesson learned, I suppose. I also learned that ten strips of bacon in one regular pie is far too much, and threw the flavour balance out of whack. Don't get me wrong, it's still tasty. I just wish I had toned it down to six pieces of bacon. Again, lesson learned.

Now, into the specifics of what I did.

My first departure from the established recipe was in how finely I chopped the onions. Rather than spend a lot of time chopping them into a paste, I opted for the faster route of chopping until they were fairly small. I think I chopped them into about 1/8" chunks. Kept the amount the same, as last time it did not need tweaking. Overall, I don't think this had much of an effect on the Q-2 and Q-2V.

Second departure was in the use of Carrot. I took two of the carrots that we have on hand, peeled them and chopped them into rounds, then cut the rounds into four pieces. With these carrots, this resulted in about one cup of carrots. I then proceeded to eat a quarter-cup of them, because one half-cup per quiche seemed a bit excessive. I placed the carrots in a microwave-safe bowl, added water until they were just covered, and put them in the microwave for two minutes, checking halfway through for tenderness. I was satisfied that they were tender enough when I stabbed a piece with a fork and was met with just a little bit of resistance. I split the carrots 70/30 between Q-2V and Q-2, respectively.

Now, the third departure. Broccoli. I used just the stalk for the quiche, as I like eating the florets raw. Come to think of it, I prefer the stalk raw as well, but I needed a little more filler for Q-2V, and green veggies are (usually) a good thing to add. After peeling the stalk, I chopped up the core into 1/4" pieces. I think I had about a third of a cup, all told. As mentioned above, I neglected to microwave them as I had the carrots. Next time, this mistake will not be repeated.

I am now searching for a faster and easier way to peel broccoli stalks, because doing it without the benefit of a peeler is rather slow. I think I will have to stick with peeling by hand though, since the stalk is too irregular and niche-filled for a regular peeler. All of the broccoli ended up in Q-2V, because I didn't want to risk any more of Q-2 to the vegetable menace.

I again used 3/4 Cup of 'Mexican' shredded cheese, the only difference that this was a blend of four cheeses rather than three. I can only assume this was to out-'Mexican' the competition, because as we all know social status in Mexico is determined by how many different dairy products one can blend together. Instead of the previous blend of milk and cream (one cup each), I adjusted it to be 1 and 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream combined with only 1/2 cup of milk. This was done to make the Quiche simultaneously creamier and less wet. I believe that this blend achieved it's goal admirably.

Q-2V was more moist than I had expected, because I did not take the water content of the vegetables into account. Overall, I am slightly disappointed by the results of this experiment. While it was not a complete failure, there is still room for improvement. I was pleased with the sweetness added by the carrots, but that was offset by how much bacon I used for one quiche. My summary of proposed changes is as follows:
1. Add slightly more carrot to regular quiche recipe
2. Cook broccoli in same manner as carrots
3. Reduce amount of bacon to 6 slices per pie crust
4. With configuration 'V', reduce or eliminate milk from cream mixture to offset moisture from vegetables.

As well, I have a new Quiche Experiment altogether in mind. I am now in the planning stages of what is essentially a Quiche Pot Pie. That is, replace gravy component of Pot Pie with Quiche cream/egg mixture. I may also leave it open-topped, but am uncertain at this stage of planning. Also uncertain what type of meat to add, will either be chicken, pork, or beef. More on this when next opportunity for Quiche baking arrives.

Grandmother reports that the broccoli does indeed need to be cooked more, and that I did go overboard with the bacon. Further, she says that Q-1 was perfect, and needs no tampering.
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