Eddie (edminster) wrote,


Right. So about a week ago I found the book The Stars My Destination, written by Alfred Bester. I finally started reading it thursday afternoon, and finished it friday evening. It is by far one of the most interesting stories that I have read in quite some time. It really is almost nothing like what I have limited myself to reading.

Well-developed characters abound in that novel, to the point where I was able to recall a character that had been briefly explored about a hundred pages prior. It's not often that I read a story and imagine how awesome it would be to see it turned into a movie, but this one just begs to be placed on the big screen. In fact, as I was reading I could not help but start casting it in my mind.

For instance, Presteign of Presteign could only be played by Roger Allam. I honestly can no longer read about a ruthless man who would sell out everything he knows and loves without hearing the voice of Lewis Prothero. Except I see him playing Presteign more as he played E.P Arnold Royalton, which makes sense since he would be playing the Head of an economic powerhouse.

I want to cast Brad Pitt as something, because I want to cast him in absolutely everything. So, I'm thinking maybe as Dagenham. Not sure though, because again, I want to cast him in absolutely everything. Maybe as a Mr. Presto? That would be interesting, but there's not enough appearances of a Mr. Presto to justify hiring him. In an ideal world where he works free, maybe.

I really am stumped as to who should play Gully Foyle, though. He would have to be capable of playing a brute, a buffoon, a socialite, and above all someone who is absolutely driven by revenge. I may have had an idea last night, but now it has gone flittering away. Johnny Knoxville, maybe. Actually now that I think about it, he would be perfect. Of course, I tend to cast him when I can't cast Brad Pitt, so that might just be why I think he would be perfect.

Anyway, that's about it for tonight. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.
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