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Right. So, I made the potato soup again, except with Cream of Celery soup, and adding absolutely no salt. I gotta say, it turned out so much incredibly better than the last time. A tablespoon of salt really changes something from tasty to saltlick fast. Surprisingly, changing the 'Cream of...' soup from Chicken to Celery didn't change the flavour too terribly much. Next time I make it, I'll try vegetable broth rather than chicken broth to make it truly vegetarian.

Now, I have had a meal in mind for several years, ever since I last had it. At this point, I think it was about eight years ago. Yes, I have had this in mind for quite a long time. However, the fact that I am learning to cook tasty food gives me a perfect excuse to make it. That, and I was inspired to make it by this comic.

I want to make a beef stew in a crusty breadbowl. Ideally, sourdough bread. I really want to make the bread from scratch, since I don't have any bread recipes that don't use a bread machine. However, from what I have been told it is fairly time-consuming to make Sourdough. So, I think I'll just have to go to the store to get some. I'm worried though, since I'm not certain that I will be able to find loaves of sourdough small enough to be single-serving deals.

I'm still trying to figure a good recipe for beef stew. I've never made it before, and it's slightly intimidating. So, if anyone has any recipes that they use and enjoy, please let me know. Ideally, this gets made by the middle of January, so that I can finally stop obsessing about it. Seriously, I'm not hungry right now, but I still want to eat it right now. The only other thing I know of that does that to me is Tamales. I seriously love me some tamales.

Not much else to say right now, so goodnight everybody. Stay safe out there.

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