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That was odd...

Status Report

Status Report

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technical difficulties

18:43 Sugar cookies + Vienna sausages = FAIL #

19:05 Shopper's does not have cookie cutters. #

19:22 Giant doesn't, either. Looks like I am headed to Target. #

19:33 Apparently Target is an entrance to a mall. Adventure! #

19:40 Mall does not have cookie cutters. Resuming search of Target. #

19:50 Found empty peg labeled 'cookie cutte'. Aborting mission. #

Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.
  • Ah! I forgot that you only have half the story!
    As it turns out, the cookies were also delicious. So, Triple Win! It was the trifecta of awesome, for serious. I also sat and did the math to discover that each cookie contains a tablespoon of butter. I'm noticing that all of my recipes have at least one item that is horrendously high in fat. It is awesome. Maybe I'm trying to fatten myself up subconsciously, because I don't trust skinny cooks.
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