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TomTom = Awesome

Right. So, I purchased a TomTom ONE125 today, and I am so incredibly pleased right now. Thank you to everybody who made this possible, as this is the most awesome Christmas gift I have gotten in quite some time. So customisable! Right now the splash screen is my logo, which makes me almost obscenely happy. The sound that plays when I reach my destination is the Final Fantasy VII victory music, which I am also inordinately pleased about.

In fact, this thing can be customised even further. I can change the colour of the maps, if I should so choose. However, the thing that I am most interested in is the fact that I can create a custom voice for this thing. All I need is a good audio capture program, a quality microphone, and an afternoon to play with it. I'm not going to do that though, since I prefer the voices that come with the thing to my own voice directing me.

Not much else to report for today, though. Beyond making some pretty good mashed potatoes to go along with dinner, there were no culinary experiments. I do need to go out and purchase shortening of some sort, as several of the recipes that I wish to try in the near future call for it. I think I will pick up some more potatoes, too. I really do want to make potato pancakes again, but I don't have enough leftover mashed potatoes to justify it.

Hrm... I should probably write these things down on my grocery list. I should also probably find my grocery list, as it still had some things on it that were out of stock. Like whipping cream. Man, but I love cooking with that stuff. It just gives such a rich and creamy flavour, you see. I also need to get some buttermilk, as I wish to learn pancakes. Also, waffles. I need to find out if we have a waffle iron, as The Joy of Cooking has an interesting recip for cornmeal waffles that have bacon embedded in them.

That's all for tonight, I think. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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