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Right. So, I picked up all of the ingredients that I need in order to make one of the Hardtack recipes, as I want to get that finished within the next few days. Luckily, I forgot to purchase honey, as we have some here. Sadly, it is crystallised, but some time in warm water should get it back to normal. Most likely I will be attempting the Swedish Hardtack as well as the very last recipe on the page found here.

By far, it does appear to be the tastiest, and may in fact be a recipe that I return to often. Ideally, I would go ahead and make every recipe posted on the site, but since I am still jobless I cannot really 'waste' ingredients on things that may very well turn out to be nearly inedible. Unfortunately, this also means that I can't really buy very many 'special' ingredients, like Rye Flour.

This means that I have to pick the recipes that appear to be edible. It also means that I will be attempting the Swedish Hardtack using the wrong ingredients. Can't be helped, I suppose. I'll be trying these recipes on Wednesday. Tomorrow I volunteer again, which means that my time in the kitchen will be severely limited, and Thursday and Friday are also Volunteer days.

I also picked up some yeast so I can make fresh pizza dough. It seems to be the next step up from hardtack, and a good way to familiarise myself with how yeast actually works. I'm not going to make all of the pizza ingredients completely from scratch, since that seems to be far more complicated than I am ready for. So, I'm just going to track down some Don Pepino pizza sauce. We've got a bunch of cheese in the freezer, but I'm not sure of any other toppings. There's no rush on that, since it will be a few weeks until I get to it.

In his response to my email, the gentleman who authored the hardtack recipe site pointed me towards one of his other sites, this on the subject of pasties. Now, I had discovered this site whilst searching for contact information, and was interested. The fact that it was also proposed as a culinary experiment by Mom back when I started making Quiche cemented it in my mind. I do not think that I will attempt it before the Pizza, though. It would be a good introduction to pastry crusts, I must admit.

In other news, a few weeks ago I purchased a tiny little chive growing kit with the intention of using fresh chives on baked potatoes or some other equally spurious reason. Well, today I noticed that it has finally sprouted. Well, just one. But it's still sprouted, and that's a win in my book. It'll be several more weeks until it's big enough to harvest, and slightly longer still until I have to transplant it to another container.

Really, I am far more happy about this thing living than I should be. Every single time that I manage to make something grow I get as giddy as a schoolgirl. Don't rightly know why, either. Maybe it's because I think that I am unable to nurture life. This, despite the fact that I managed to grow a potato in sand from a construction site. I think I give myself far too little credit for my abilities.

In summation:
Hardtack ingredients gathered, will bake on Wednesday. Yeast purchased, will make Pizza next Wednesday. Shortening purchased, will make Pasties the Wednesday after Pizza. Chive growing kit purchased weeks ago sprouted today, am unnecessarily giddy. Goodnight everybody, and stay safe out there.

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