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Khazd, on the book Freehold, by Michael Z. Williamson:

"...[T]he story went from a neat political sci-fi to a war sci-fi, staggered drunkenly back towards political issues, tripped back over the war then collapsed, sobbing, into a sci-fi drama."

To be fair, he claims to have been reading three other books concurrently and may have mixed them together.


So, every once in a while I take a look at my Interests, just to make sure I'm still interested in the same things. I still am, but it's the interests that nobody else shares that provoked this post. Apparently, nobody else on LJ is interested in the following:

breaking good ideas, combining my other interests, convincing them they've won, fixing bad ideas, spelling like the english, the coolest interest ever, weird little abstract doodles

And only seven people (including myself) are interested in questioning answers.

What's with that? I would think that combining other interests would be popular.

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Haiku2 for edminster
that's all i can
remember that i wanted
to grow up and be
Created by Grahame

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So! Miserably rainy and cold day, but it was good times nonetheless. This report is the most impartial, and I'm not just saying that because I can be seen from 0:14-0:17 in the accompanying video. Except for my face, which is obscured by multiple umbrellae (including my own).

For those confused, I am the gentleman in the back on the left, wearing incredibly festive colors and looking miserably wet and cold.
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