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That was odd...

Stuff that I do in Life and on the Net

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I am an aspiring writer, a dreamer, a devoted boyfriend, ethical, dependable. A concerned citizen, a free speech supporter, a Government watcher. An idealist, a realist, a humanist, environmentalist. I dream of safety in the streets, but not at the cost of freedom. I donate blood when I can, and give to charity. I am always, always willing to lend an ear, or a shoulder to cry on, or some money 'til payday. Hell, I'll even give you one of my kidneys, if you need it. But, most important of all, I am a person.
aesthetics, ambiguity, animation, answering questions, artificial intelligence, assassins, bach, being a wise-ass, biding my time, biking, books, breaking good ideas, breathing, burritos, cheese, classical music, combining my other interests, comedy, computers, conspiring, convincing them they've won, cooking, crazy electronic music, creativity, damned lies, dance dance revolution, deliberate misinterpretation, douglas hofstadter, espionage, existence, eye candy, far-reaching conspiracies, fiction, firearms, fixing bad ideas, food, formally undecidable propositions, fusion, futurama, gorkamorka, hitchhiker's guide, humour, illustration, imaginary band names, improper semicolon usage, intelligent villains, internet, japan, karma, kill bill, killing zombies, kurt vonnegut, learning, life, mindless self indulgence, mocking the self-righteous, monty python, mozart, music, mysterious cities of gold, mythology, noodles, not being on fire, obscure references, obscure words, old games, origami, orks, paintball, paradoxes, philosophy, photography, pirates, procrastination, psychology, questioning answers, rain, reading, recursive acronyms, red dwarf, robots, rock climbing, rpgs, sarcasm, science fiction, self-contradiction, self-reference, semantics, serendipity, shiny stuff, sleeping, spelling like the english, steak, strange music, strawberries, techno remixes, tetris, the coolest interest ever, the fallout series, the military, thinking, time travel, truth, understanding, video games, wargames, webcomics, weird little abstract doodles, weirdness, world domination, writing, zen,

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